Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts from around a campfire

This camp is so fun. There is a lot of things you can do here like swimming canoeing, kayaking, archery, sleep outside, nature center, and much more. When you kayak you do it on a really big lake as well as canoeing. When you are swimming you swim in a lake. You have to pass two swim tests to swim in the deep end. I hope to see you here. – David

The best part of camp was go swimming in a lake, campout under the stars, go to sleep in a cabin, eat 3 meals a day, kayaking and canoeing in a lake. – Rajan

Camp Happy Hollow is very fun. There are many fun things to go and do while you are there. One of the coolest things we do is kayaking and the zaplining. It is very exciting and the food is very good. The swimming area is one of the coolest places there is. There is very many things to do here.

This is a really good camp!! It is really fun. You also get a good way from home! It has good activities and counselors! You have so many options to what you want to do. This camp is over 800 + acres!!! I love this camp. When I grow up I would like to work here!!

Happy Hollow is a great camp. My favorite activity is archery. I noticed that is I aimed to the lower left it would nearly always hit the target. I didn’t like riding horses but their horses are very well trained. Also I like all the lake activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. And even though the zap is quick and high it is also safe. I’ve been coming for 5 years and I will keep coming.

Archery gives kids the experience to be like Native Americans and how they hunted their prey. Archery helps with strength and plus it is fun. = ). Kayaking is a fun activity. Basically its your own boat!!!

I think this camp is fun. I like horseback riding, kayaking and the food. I like everything about the camp.

In happy Hollow Camp there are lots of fun exciting activities such as canoeing, horseback riding, zap lining, and other things to. You get to do a bunch of stuff so you aren’t even thinking about from home. You get a lot of exercise and fresh air. The best thing of all is how while you’re doing fun things you can see animals in nature.

I think this camp is fun. I like all the activities that are planned for us. My favorite thing was swimming and Zapline because these are the things we have never done before. It is different I think is great experience.

I do like the activities here. I haven’t done all of them yet but I look forward to it. It is a fun place, my favorite thing is horseback ridding. I look forward to coming back.

What I liked about camp is the zap line the instructor was very cool and laid back. The zap line was very enjoyable. The Kayaking was also very fun.

Camp was fun. My favorite part was archery. I also liked canoe and I liked the zap line. I am 11 years old and I had the best week ever.

Hear at Camp Happy Hollow I like to kayak, Zap line, horseback riding and swimming. They are the best activities in the whole camp. We get to campout under the stars.

My favorite activities were the zap line and horseback riding. When you go down the zapline the wind is in your face and it is so fun. It’s really fun to do horseback riding.

We made smores. We shoot bows and arrows and I shot two in the middle. We went swimming in the lake.

Mom and Dad we all did a lot of things this week. We went to the pool and to see the horses at the barn and it was so fun to. And we went to see the bunnies and it was at the barn to. And we went to arts and crafts.

Mom I miss you but let me tell you some of the activities that I did. I did play in the mud. T Tie Dyed my t-shirt. I made smores. I went to the barn and I petted the goat and the cat and I rode the horses.

Today was so fun we played in the mud and tye dyed t-shirts. We made cards. Two days ago we made smores outside and we went swimming in the lake. We washed our muddy clothes. My birthday is in two. We made our beds and won an award. That’s the end of my story.

It rained today and we played in the mud. We did bows and arrows. We went to the barn and held a lot of bunny rabbits. We went swimming. We went to archery. We went creek hiking and we went in the mud.

Today we did bows and arrows, Tie dyed t-shirts, roll in the mud. Tuesday we rode horses, pet rabbits and pet a goat. Monday we did swimming, basketball, and athletic field.

Yesterday we went to arts and crafts, canoeing, and swimming. Sunday tours and made our beds. Monday we did smores. We went swimming. Archery, the nature center, and we went on a creek hike. My favorite activities were arts and crafts, smores and archery.

On Sunday we learned each other names and found out what cabins we were in. On Monday we went on a creek hike and swimming. We did archery and went to the nature center and made smores. Today went swimming canoeing, skits, athletic field and arts and crafts.

Brooks Blog,
This past week at Happy Hollow camp we played lots of things. We swam, canoed, rode horses, did archery, and played in the athletic field. I really enjoyed archery. Our counselors are really nice and they let us play with the bunnies. I really hope I can come back next summer. I made new friends and they are very nice.

Yesterday we went canoeing and swimming. We have to walk everywhere. That hurts my legs. Today we got to ride a horse, her name was Prissy! We also got to hold bunnies, feed a goat, and pet a cat! Camp is so fun, out of all the camps in the US I recommend Happy Hollow!!!! I love camp!!

Yesterday we went swimming that was the best thing I loved. Then we went to bows and arrows and we went to the athletic field. And today we went to ride horses and I like breakfast was delicious and lunch was to. We are about to go to dinner.

At Happy Hollow camp we did lot of fun things. We went swimming, canoeing, archery, and the creek hike. We did lots of stuff we made smores and other things. We played in the athletic field. We went to the nature center and got on horses and then we went to the barn to feed the bunnies, goat and the cat. I really enjoyed being here and doing all those things. I want to come back next year.

Happy Hollow Children’s Camp is really fun and the horses are really fun. Their pizza is awesome.

I like camp and everything about it and almost every kid in our cabin loved this camp. So you should try it to.

What I like about camp is swimming and hiking and everything. I might come back. That is what I like about camp.

Happy Hollow Camp is very fun. You learn a lot. All of the kids will enjoy it a lot. Parents can trust all the counselors. They keep good track of all the kids.

Happy Hollow is a great camp for you children. What I love about camp is everything! We do horseback riding, kayaking, swimming, walking in the creek, and everything. And the food is Awesome. You should send them here because it is AWESOME!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A special guest at camp.

The Staff and especially the campers of Happy Hollow would like to thank Roy Hibert of the Indiana Pacers for coming to Camp this afternoon. The campers had a wonderful time showing him the nature center, the Zap line and playing a little basketball with Roy. The campers love the autographed pictures and will cherish these memories for years to come.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts from around the camp fire.

My day was good except for my eyes hurting whenever they moved around, but all in all it was pretty good. I actually kind of enjoyed swimming in the lake & the creek walk was fun. I learned that crayfish can back up really fast so you have to put one hand behind it to catch it.

Today was fun. I liked and hiking. Today was relaxing.

Today I had a lot of fun. I even felt like I lost a couple of pounds. I liked everything we did today!

Today was super fun easy but fun. We went swimming and I ALMOST passed my swim test Ha Ha. I had one lap left but I got tired. Well that was the highlight of my day.

Today I experienced a lot of fun things. Like… when we went swimming in the dirty. And then I liked when we did a creek hike and Arts and Crafts. !!GOODNITE!!

Today was okay, I experienced a lot of things like at the nature center! And also things that I didn’t know I got a lot of exercise.

Today was a fun day and we swam. The food was good. I loved the creek hiking and I found a big fairy stone.

My day was great! My favorite part was the creek hike. I loved exploring the water. I liked the adventure that it took to get there. Overall the day was wonderful and can’t wait till tomorrow!

Swimming in the lake and have fun in the lake with my sister was the best part. My sister and me was jumping in the lake and after that we stayed swimming.

The Thing that I liked the most is swimming. Because I passes the swim test and some of the girls in my group did too.

I liked the way we pass the food around the table. I like the lake and the boat thing. I like the camp fire and I made a friend with a girl. I love going up and down the hills and the way we stuff before breakfast lunch and dinner.

What I like about camp is I made friends and I am having fun. I also like going swimming in the lake. I also like going to sleep after lunch.

So far at Happy Hollow Camp I liked everything. We went swimming, kayaking and campfire. When we went kayaking a lot of people jumped out and couldn’t get back in. In swimming I passed the first swim test. I am waiting for tomorrow s I can pass the other one because they did not have the second one today. At the campfire the staff did skits and we sang songs. That’s what I liked so far.

Today my favorite things at camp are hiking, swimming and bunnies.

We found five more spiders. We held a bunny. We went swimming. I took the swimming test and so did two other kids did this. Today was awesome.

We went hiking. We went to see rabbits. We found five spiders. We went to shoot bows and arrows. I had to hop at lunch. We want to a place called the lake and we went swimming and we went canoeing.

I had so much fun. We went to th farm and got to hold the rabbits. And we went to the lake it was so fun.

Camp Happy Hollow. Today was fun. We went swimming. I caught some clams. Then we went canoeing it was a little scary. Then we went to the camp store. I got Gatorade and an ice cream bar. A couple of minutes after dinner we had a snack. MY DAY WAS FUN!

I want swimming and canoeing. I went to the small barn and saw the bunnies and we went to the camp store. And we went to the challenge course.

Today we went swimming and canoeing and the challenge course. We went to visit the rabbits. The group went to the store and I got a Dr. Pepper and chips, like that thing. And we got to eat a snack.

Thoughts from the first day.

I like this camp and I want to come back. There is a lot of stuff to do like swimming, creek hike’s, and horse back riding. There are a lot of games to play and the food is good too. My counselors Chaun and Derek are cool. The cabins are nice and clean and the shower houses are nice too. My favorite part is playing in the athletic field to help me lose my energy.

So far everything at camp is really fun. We get to go canoeing, kayaking, and even horse back riding. All of the staff here are really nice, but I would just have to say bring a sheet to camp because the mattresses are plastic.

Hi, my name is Kaleb. This camp is really cool. You get to go fishing, swimming, kayaking, creek hiking, and canoeing. We also have great food. I love happy hollow.

I like Happy Hollow Camp Because I like there songs like “your mama don’t wear no socks”. I like all there songs and the camp store

HHCC is a really cool camp. This year I had a counselor that was new and she was from France. I enjoyed a couple activities like kayaking, horse back riding and arts and crafts.

Even though this is my first year coming to camp I had a great time at Happy Hollow Camp. I went swimming, kayaking, canoeing and even played with the bunny rabbits. I also went camping out in the woods. I can’t wait to come back to Happy Hollow Camp.

I think I like canoeing because it wasn’t scary as usual. I love the lake activities. I caught two fish and passed my swimming test. I walked in a Creek and found clay to paint my face and pit on my skin. I also loved all of the food especially the fruit.

I like the Lake. It is so fun going swimming in the lake. The food is really good. The counselors are really nice and cool. Its my fourth year here and I will always come back to happy hollow camp.

When I was at camp I had a really nice time. Some of the activities we did were the zap line, nature center, swimming, canoeing kayaking , arts and crafts, and even a comp out. We were supposed to do archery but, it rained. Everything here was fun and I can’t wait to return next summer.

This camp has horse back riding, zap line, nature center, creek hikes farm, swimming and archery. I liked swimming and Zap line the best. The zap line was really high and I was super scared but, then I just let my fear and did it and I am so glad I did. I liked to go swimming in the lake loved the horses, they were nice. The food was also very good. My counselors Anne and Audrey are really cool. I love Camp.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thought from the Apacha cabins

Camp Happy Hollow if fun. It is a good experience for kids who have never been to camp. Brandi
This is so fun. It is my first year and I love zip-lining, swimming, canoeing, and horseback riding. I haven’t done all the activities yet but yea I want to come back next year because I love it and you guys rock. I love Happy Hollow. Danae

I have enjoyed every part of camp mainly the swimming and canoeing. RiAnnah
This camp is wonderful and every activity is interesting. I am so sad next year is my last year. Brianna

This camp is so fun. I have come here every year because it is so fun. Jhanee
Camp is very interesting every year I com. Everyone has opened up with open hearts. I am sorry to say that this is my last year.

Having fun and enjoying myself and out playing with others. Shay

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thought from the camp fire

Dear everyone toady was basically the second day of camp because we were doing a lot of activities. Sunday we really didn't do anything but get settled in. Camp is awesome. My Mom said she is going to send me and my sister year until we are 14. Why because she said it give us something to do.

What I like about at camp:
1. We get to go horseback riding
2. We also get to go canoeing
3. We got to shot bow and Arrows
4. That we have good bathrooms and showers
5. That we have comfortable beds
6. We have our own space to put our space
7. And I know what Posen Ivy looks like
8. And that we go to bed at 9:30
9. And we have good food
10. And that we have nice Counselors

My Favorite activities so far are bow & arrow, horses, the song, and our cabin. Also I like meeting new firend. I really like our counselors Julie, Monica and Kara. Also I like getting away from our house and being outside.

Things I like at Happy Hollow Camp are breakfast, lunch dinner, bow and arrows and the snack. I had fun finding the fairy stones in the creek. The best is kayaking.

I love the lake and the hot tub spring. I love to go horseback riding and fishing and the little play and walking in the woods.

My favorite thing to do is horseback riding and Arts and crafts I love our beds too. And today we went creek walking it was cool. There are lots of things to do here.I like canoeing and I found a fairy stone. We went on a creek hike. It is a lot of fun. Horse back riding is my favorite. Today I found a fairy stone. I am really having fun!!!

I like horseback riding the best. I like swimming in the lake. I like the food, the food is so so good. The creek is fun and I like the hot tub spring

I really enjoyed kayaking, high ropes, swimming and the arts and crafts. They are all really exciting. I especially like kayaking.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


There were many smiling faces and cheers once the buses arrived safely at Happy Hollow this afternoon. Right now the campers are finishing up dinner which featured grilled chicken and scalloped potatoes. Following dinner we will be having our opening campfire where the counselors will be leading songs and skits. Tomorrow we will be starting are busy week of fun filled activities. Stay posted to see what the campers are doing this week.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thoughts from the campfire circle

I really liked swimming canoeing. And I really like horseback riding. I like the creek walikg and finding the fairy stones. I like the barn. Happy Hollow is the best.

I like fishing swimming, creek hiking, arts and crafts. I also like being a hopper and I really like the camp store. Today I got a drum stick and a coke.

It has been amazing this week. This is the first time I have been here. I plan on coming back next summer. I liked the swimming and the challenge course, the cabin and all the hiking. I have learned a lot so far. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

I had fun today canoeing and kayaking. I also had fun swimming. So far I got an awesome tan. I also like the high ropes course and especially the zap line. I was scared at first but then got the courage to do it. I was AWESOME.

This whole week has been fun and I have not been bored once. The food is also amazing it feels just like home. My favorites activities so far have been swimming, horseback riding, and the bunnies at the farm and garden. I can’t wait to go to the high ropes course tomorrow.

This camp is great and I’m having a great time. Today we went swimming and on a creek hike.
Next we went and shot arrows and we working on making skits.
So far my favorite activity has been the farm and garden. I liked farming the best because I was able to hold the baby bunnies, they were really pretty. I am stay in a cabin with six other girls. I can’t wait to go horseback riding and kayaking tomorrow.

I am having a blast here. So far my favorite activity is swimming in the lake. I have made a lot of new friends. My counselors are great. I want to stay here for longer than a week I want to stay for the whole summer.

Today I went to canoeing and I went to bows and arrows. I really liked swimming and horseback riding. I also really like the special day. It was international day and we got to sing and play games from different countries. I really liked getting the stick on tattoos from the Australian lady.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hopping before breakfast

D1 leaving for their campout

B3 and C3 learning about France from Anne (from Paris)

Learning how to groom a horse

A camper enjoying our high ropes course